A buying decision can be a change management problem

The sales model concentrates on needs assessment and solution placement. A decision is really a change management activity. They're two different activities, done at two different - and opposite - points along the decision journey.

change management

Sales models never to have the capability to facilitate the buyer’s behind-the-scenes issues and activities to ensure they have the necessary buy-in to herald another solution. They don't, really, facilitate the private buying decision path buyers travel. Nevertheless they should, because inside the gap between your selling as well as the buying is when the modification management issues occur and where we lose our buyers, and they lose us.

buying decision


Simply because we perceive a need (And we're right! They require us!) doesn’t mean our prospects need it fixed, or fixed by us, or fixed now. We enter our conversations with a bias: we feel which our solution will rule your day and pose questions to get buyers to confess they want us: find the need, pitch the solution. Bingo. Except we sit and watch for these phones keep coming back making the sale. And that we wait. Why must the buying decision take so very long when their need matches their solution?

However the last thing a purchaser needs is really a solution. Actually, buyers don’t are interested anything - they simply have to resolve a business problem. When they are unable to resolve certainly one of their issues with a familiar resource, they are made to pick a means to fix purchase. However they don’t genuinely wish to.

When we enter with a solution - even engineered to be necessary - buyers have trouble: just how do they solve their trouble in the easiest, most cost-effective manner? How can they get the managers and also the department heads and address the interior change management issues to produce buying decisions once they really want to keep doing what they’ve always done?

It’s simpler to make use of an existing resource so less change is important. However, if they determine they have to get a new provider, they need to generate the newest solution in a manner that leaves their culture whole. All things being equal they don’t desire to disrupt their routines. So their buying decisions must address the modification management problems with they cannot buy.


There's a disparity involving the selling model and getting behaviors: solutions are ‘things’ and a buying decision is a change management issue. According to my latest book Dirty Little Secrets, buyers (like all people) live in systems of people, rules, relationships, history and policies. Any ‘problem’ becomes area of the system, which develops work-arounds so it are able to keep on keepin’-on. When we gain weight, we buy fresh clothes as opposed to change our diet plan, work out more, stop drinking our wine. And daily, the machine awakens doing what it’s always done.


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